English for Work: Applying for a Job (CV/Resume Writing & Job Interview Tutoring)


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English for Work: Applying for a Job (CV/Resume Writing & Job Interview Tutoring)

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English for Specific Purposes

English for Work: Applying for a Job (CV/Resume Writing & Job Interview Tutoring)


Topic Menu

  1. Socializing & Networking, Small Talk Cliches - Survival Conversation Strategies
  2. Types of Jobs, Work & Employment; the Professions
  3. Organigrams / Organizational Charts, Company Structure
  4. Company Positions - Supervisors & Subordinates
  5. Company Culture, e.g. Traditions/Annual Parties, Dress Code
  6. Giving & Asking for Directions
  7. Making Arrangements
  8. Offices & Conferencing Facilities
  9. The Recruitment Process
  10. Applying for a Job (Applicants' Perspective)
  11. The Language of Job Advertisements - HR Abbreviations & Acronyms
  12. The Language of Job Descriptions
  13. Filling in BrE / Filling out AmE Application Forms
  14. Describing Oneself & Others: Character Traits
  15. Describing Oneself & Others: Education & Qualifications
  16. Describing Oneself & Others: Work Experience aka Employment History
  17. Describing Oneself & Others: Skills & Abilities
  18. Describing Oneself & Others: Hobbies & Interests
  19. Describing Oneself & Others: Future Plans & Career Objectives
  20. The Job interview*: FAQs
  21. The Appraisal Interview*: FAQs
  22. Selection Criteria - The Perfect Candidate
  23. Types of Selection Tests
  24. What Motivates the Perfect Candidate
  25. In-Service Training & Development
  26. The Language of Contracts* 
  27. Contract of Employment*
  28. What Makes a Competitive Remuneration Package
  29. Working Hours
  30. Rewards & Benefits
  31. Holidays & Other Times Off Work
  32. Health, Safety & Welfare
  33. Problems at Work: Disciplinary Action
  34. Employee Rights, Equal Employment Laws & Regulations  
  35. Telephoning*
  36. Emailing*
  37. Report Writing*
  38. The Job Market: Describing Changes/Trends & Forecasting*
  39. Differences in British & American Terminology
  40. Writing Business Letters, Faxes, and Emails* (the following types of letter are examples only)
    1. Letter of Reference
    2. Letter if Resignation
    3. Cover Letter

* These topics are generally meant for higher levels (are not really suitable for beginner & elementary students) and/or are taught as separate courses with a number of subtopics



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