CEF Levels B1-C1

  • Lexis - Language Learning, Education & Employment

    ability, understanding, expression, correctness, names of languages; types of education, schooling, in-service training, subjects, qualifications & examinations, types of testing, evaluation and assessment; types of employment, working conditions & pay; job titles, duties & responsibilities; the career ladder; office routines; factory work; business, industry & agriculture; military service, police and security work; strikes & industrial disputes
  • Lexis - Health and Bodycare

    parts of the body, matters of personal comfort, ailments, symptoms & injuries, hygiene, personal care products, baby care, reporting accidents, calling an ambulance, giving first aid, describing what is wrong to a pharmacist, doctor or dentist, medical services: medical and dental care, health insurance, types of medication & medical treatment, clinics & hospitals

  • Lexis - Personal Relationships

    men and women, gender issues & cultural differences, names of relationships, love and hatred, friends and friendship, marriage, children and the family, conflicts & strife
  • Lexis - Politics & Society, Crime & the Law

    forms of government and politics, international organizations, social tensions, crime and punishment, law and justice, war and peace
  • Lexis – Travelling & Transport

    public transport, private transport, traffic, holidays, arranging accommodation, negotiating terms of payment, types of accommodation for travellers, luggage, entering and leaving a country, travel documents, hotel services
  • Lexis - Pastimes & Entertainment

    leisure, hobbies & interests, club membership, mass media and public entertainment, radio broadcasts, TV programmes, cinema and films, theatrical performances, music & concerts, festivals and celebrations, the circus, dancing & discos, shows, exhibitions, museums, photography, intellectual & artistic pursuits, games, various art forms, describing events and experiences, sports & sporting events, books and reading, the press & types of periodical publications
  • Lexis - Daily Life

    daily routines at home & at work, pets, household chores, meals, income, schooling & career prospects

  • Lexis - The Natural Environment, Physical Geography, Weather & Climate

    physical geography, regions and geographical features, landscapes, flora and fauna, weather & climate, natural disasters

  • Lexis - Architecture, Types of Housing & Accommodation, Living Conditions, Asking the Way and Giving Directions

    architecture, structures & buildings, types of housing & accommodation, finding a place to live, rooms , furniture & fittings, kitchenware, household appliances and gadgets , bedclothes, decoration, cost , housing utilities, services, and repairs, amenities & neighbourhoods; town, farm, countryside & seaside; cityscapes & landscapes, asking the way and giving strangers directions
  • Lexis - Personal Identification

    name, address, telephone number, date and place of birth, age , sex , marital status , nationality, origin, occupation, family composition , major religions and religious practices, likes and dislikes, character, disposition and temperament, physical appearance