• approve Reader Software
  • approve The Best Free Digital Libraries
  • approve The John Rylands University Library (The University of Manchester)
  • approve Project Gutenberg
  • approve Over 30,000 English Works in Various Formats
  • approve E-Scholarship Editions / over 500 books in public access
  • approve Baen Free Library
  • approve Free E-Books on Academic Subjects
  • approve The University of Adelaide collection
  • approve Bibliomania - 2000 classic texts
  • approve ca 25 Hypertexted Classic Literary Works by Robert Stockton
  • approve Frankenstein by Mary W Shelley
  • approve Ed McBain - all works, the first chapter of some of the whodunnits he wrote can be read online
  • approve Magazines in English
  • approve Journals in English
  • approve Newspapers in English and Other Languages
  • approve The Bible - King James Version
  • approve Classic Short Stories
  • approve Short Stories. Read online, print or download. Browse by genre. Search by key word, title or author.
  • approve Children's Books & Audiobooks Online
  • approve Hans Wilhelm's Picture Books for Toddlers & Older Children (PDF)
  • approve American Folklore - Short Stories with a Listening Component
  • approve Graded ESL Reading Materials
  • approve 100 Free Short ESL Stories with Audio
  • approve Very Short Stories, Plays & Board Stories for Very Young Learners
  • approve 800 children's stories in 32 different categories by Margo Fallis
  • approve The New York Times Learning Network
  • approve Open2.Net is the online learning portal from the Open University and the BBC
  • approve Webquests - a topic-based exhaustive resource
  • approve Literacyworks Online Projects
  • approve The California Distance Learning Project (CDLP) - Topic-Based Reading and Listening Activities with follow-up interactive vocabulary practice tasks, AmE
  • approve CNN Topic-based story archives (1999-2004) with audio and follow-up interactive vocabulary practice and reading comprehension tasks
  • approve Short Topic-Based Articles with Audio on EFL.Net
  • approve This I Believe - Essays on Personal Philosophies and Core Values with Audio, AmE
  • approve E-Texts & Digital Libraries Listed by Topic
  • approve Young Reporters For the Environment
  • approve All About Christmas Decorations
    Education & Employment
  • approve Job Descriptions
  • approve The National Curriculum for England
  • approve USA Education System: Overview of the American Education System
  • approve UK Education System: The Perse School in Cambridge
  • approve EURYDICE - The Information Network on Education in Europe
  • approve New Zealand MC Quiz

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