Dialogue and Conversation Practice

  • approve English Conversations (organized around topics and grammar structures)
  • approve Everyday English in Conversation (theme-based)

    Listening and Pronunciation Practice
  • approve Online Dictations (5 levels)
  • approve Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab (3 levels of difficulty, hundreds of quizzes, Real Audio files)
  • approve The English Listening Lounge (3 levels of difficulty, ca 30 free listening passages, mp3/Flash & scripts)
  • approve American English Pronunciation Practice (mp3/Flash)
  • approve BBC audio and video activities (Real Audio and mp3 files, PDF scripts)
  • approve American English Pronunciation Practice (mp3/Flash)

    Elllo - English Language Listening Lab Online (mp3/Flash quizzes and/or scripts)
  • approve 2006 * 2005 * 2004 by year
  • approve Activities by topic
  • approve Activities by level
  • approve Canadian English speakers
  • approve American English speakers from the USA
  • approve New Zealand English speakers
  • approve English speakers from Ireland
  • approve Australian English speakers
  • approve British English speakers from England
  • approve Sample answers to various questions
  • approve Songs

    Live Newscasts & Podcasts
  • approve BBC Radio (Real Audio)
  • approve CNN Radio (News Videos)
  • approve National Public Radio (AmE) (Real Audio)
  • approve The ABC Radio (AusE) (Real Audio/mp3, some scripts)
  • approve CBC Radio (CanE) (Real Audio/mp3/ogg)
  • approve Voice of America (VOA) Special English - Transcript Archive (Real Audio/mp3)
  • approve ReadingEnglish - VOA News Stories + mp3
  • approve English Through Stories (mp3 & scripts)
  • approve ESL Podcasts (mp3 & scripts)
  • approve TOEFL Podcasts (mp3 & scripts)
  • approve American Copywriter (mp3 blog podcasts)
  • approve The Podcast Network (mp3, arranged by topic)
  • approve Breaking News English (2 levels, mp3, PDF/MsWord printable lesson plans)

    Audiobooks, Poetry, Speeches and Videos (Webcasts)
  • approve LibriVox (a free online library of audiobooks)
  • approve The History Channel (speeches and videos)
  • approve The Academy of American Poets Poems: ca 150 audio clips/text & mp3 Poetcasts
  • approve The Virtual language Centre Literary Extracts & Historic Speeches, ca 30 Real Audio clips
  • approve The ABC Radio Australia (13-part series about Australia, wvx & scripts)
  • approve Videojug - A large collection of professional and amateur video tutorials, how-to videos and advice
  • approve Blinkx - a video search engine (allows searching by topic)

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