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  • approve The Electronic Adult ESOL Core Curriculum
  • approve Downloadable Methodology Books
  • approve ELT Journal
  • approve Teaching English - BBC
  • approve ONLINE Teacher Development Courses

    ESL/EFL Researchers' Software

  • approve Free Online Survey Software

    IATEFL & Regional Associations of EFL/ESL Teachers

  • approve 42nd International Annual IATEFL Conference, Exeter, UK 7-11 April 2008
  • approve IATEFL Business English SIG - Wiki
  • approve IATEFL ELT Management SIG
  • approve IATEFL YL SIG
  • approve IATEFL LA SIG
  • approve TESOL Arabia SIGs - ESP, EdTech, LA, Lit, T&A, YLs

    Educational Technology. Organizing Teaching & Learning. VLEs & Web 2.0. Virtual Worlds.

  • approve Wikis Explained in Plain English
  • approve Voicethread - an online media album that can hold any type of media (images, documents and videos) and allows making comments in 5 different ways - using voice (with a microphone or telephone), text, audio file, or video (with a webcam) - and sharing them with anyone you wish. Group conversations can be collected and shared in one place (i.e. wiki'ed), from anywhere in the world. Both Commercial and Free Versions are Available
  • approve Penguin Club - A Virtual World for KIDS

    Test, Quiz and Puzzle Generating Software, MsWord Toolbars and Other Useful Add-Ons

  • approve Unicode Phonemic Typewriter
  • approve TextWand by Jim Brook. A toolbar for Microsoft Word which enables educators to manipulate the appearance of projected text (bordered, underlined, invisible)
  • approve Quizlet - An Interactive Vocabulary Quiz Generator by Andrew Sutherland
  • approve StudyStack.com - by John Weidner. Enter the data for a studystack (the words you want to study), the same data can automatically be displayed as flashcards, a matching game, a word search puzzle, and a hangman game. You can also export the data to your cellphone or PDA so you can review it when you are away from the computer
  • approve An Online Tool for Creating Quizzes for Blogs and Websites - Usability: Easy
  • approve Hot Potatoes - an interactive and printable quiz generator
  • approve Teacher's Pet - a free worksheet generating add-on for your Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer
  • approve WordLearner - Printable Worksheet Generators (Crossword, Wordsearch & Matching Puzzles, Flash & Bingo Cards)
  • approve Discovery Education School Resources - Puzzlemaker aka Printable Puzzle Generating Tool (Customized Word Search, Criss-Cross & Math Puzzles, Mazes & Cryptograms)
  • approve Crossword Weaver - Trial Version Available
  • approve Crossword Puzzle Maker by Armoured Penguin
  • approve Worksheet Tools for Educators
  • approve Wordsheets - commercial software that makes crossword, word search, and word scramble puzzles from your list of words. Several puzzle styles.
  • approve ZARB aka Zybura's Toolbox for Teachers - a high quality commercial worksheet generating add-on for your Microsoft Word featuring 55 functions.

    Presentation & Slide Show Software

  • approve Selteco Alligator Flash Designer - easy to use commercial software for creating Flash websites, presentations, slide shows, menus, banners, buttons and online applications
  • approve JING Project - a downloadable presentation tool for capturing screenshots and video for free that allows you to share them easily

    ELT Methodology & EFL/ESL Teachers' Resources

  • approve ESL Flow. Lesson Plans & PDF Worksheets.
  • approve Ted Power. English Language Learning and Teaching
  • approve Lesson Planning -Theory, Objectives, Problems-Solutions
  • approve Using Flashcards
  • approve Raising Polyglot Kids
    English for Young & Very Young Learners

    YL Coursebook Support Sites
  • approve Happy House OUP Games & Stories
  • approve Happy Street OUP Games & Stories
  • approve Happy Earth Games & Stories
    Educational PPT Presentations, Videos, Games, Quizzes, Songs, Rhymes & Stories
  • approve Skillswise - Factsheets, worksheets, quizzes and games for YLs
  • approve MUZZY on DVD
  • approve Finger Plays & Rhymes
  • approve Fun & Games with Songs
  • approve Tiny Planets - Educational Video, Games & Stories
  • approve Folk Songs & Nursery Rhymes of the World: Lyrics & .mid files
  • approve Mesa Library
  • approve ABC Teach - Materials for Pre-K to 8th grade
  • approve the ABC - Bembo's Zoo (swf)
  • approve PPT Presentations for Younger & Older Children in Russian and English - a wealth of free downloadable resources NB! "на английском" means "in English"
  • approve The Bus Stop Games. PDF Worksheets.
    Phonics, Readers, Printables
  • approve English Avenue - Phonics, Readers, Printables
  • approve Progressive Phonics - Downloadable Phonics Drills
  • approve Starfall - Interactive Phonics for Kids, Printables, Materials for Home Educators
  • approve Children's Books & Audiobooks Online
  • approve Donpotter's Net - Remedial Reading Drills, Phonics Programs, Software & Links to Online Libraries
  • approve Reading Games
  • approve Clifford Interactive Storybooks
  • approve Books on Phonics (online store)
    WHO is WHO in TESOL, CALL & Corpus Lingustics

  • approve Mark Davies
  • approve Ted Power
  • approve Jane & Dave Willis - Task-Based Learning - sample lesson plans
  • approve Jack C. Richards
  • approve Gavin Dudeney
  • approve Mark Warschauer : About, Electronic Literacies & CALL
  • approve Mark Powell on Teaching English for Business - Wiki
  • approve Leni Dam on Learner Autonomy, Video 1 - Warwick 2007 Video 2 - Dubai, March 2007

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