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English for Information, Communication & Educational Technology

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English for Specific Purposes

English for Information, clinic Communication & Educational Technology (IT/ICT & ICE TCool)

IT & ICT Many computer programmers / software developers, story system administrators & DBAs know the necessary vocabulary "by sight", here but cannot pronounce many words correctly, speak or write. Thus, English for ICT is usually about accent training & grammar through speaking and writing on job-related topics. Most ICT professionals have a healthy sense of humour and want to be able to talk about everyday life as well as their jobs, so another topic that is extremely popular wth them is socializing. 

ICE T aka Information, Communication & Educational Technology is a fast-developing variety of IT. Educational Technology Specialists, who are sought by many schools, are supposed to know not only about web-based learning tools and technologies, but about mobile devices that could be used in education, web design and teaching in general. This course focuses on the technical aspects, but it is possible to practise your English talking about various teaching theories, computer-based testing & assessment, foreign language teaching methodology and many other similar topics - get in touch to find out what the options are.   

Topic Menu

  1. Small Talk Cliches - Survival Conversation Strategies
  2. Socializing & Networking
  3. Eating Out, Food & Drink
  4. Making Arrangements (e.g. to meet)
  5. ICT Abbreviations & Acronyms
  6. British vs American ICT Terms
  7. Careers in IT
  8. Applying for a Job (CV/Resume & cover letter writing)
  9. Job Interview Training
  10. Web 1.0 vs Web 2.0 - Social Software
  11. Chatting & Videoconferencing
  12. Netiquette
  13. E-Commerce
  14. Types of E-Businesses
  15. Marketing Web 2.0
  16. Online Banking / E-banking
  17. Mobile Phones & the Internet: Features & Functions
  18. Robots & Automata
  19. Artificial Intelligence
  20. Domotics
  21. Gender Issues: Men & Women in IT
  22. Writing Emails*
  23. Giving Presentations*
  24. Telephoning*
  25. Report Writing*
  26. Describing Changes/Trends & Forecasting*
  27. Educational Technology*
  28. ICT in Language Education*
  29. Computer-Adaptive Testing & Interactive Test Design*
  30. Explaining How to Do Sth to Students, Clients or Colleagues
      1. Troubleshooting: Making Guesses
      2. TRoubleshooting: Giving Instructions & Advice
      3. Choosing a Computer: Comparing Qualities
      4. Parts & Functions of a PC
      5. Input Devices
      6. Output Devices
      7. The Processor & Units of Memory
      8. Disks & Drives
      9. Computer Ergonomics & Electronic Rubbish
      10. Internet Security
      11. Malware: Viruses, Worms, Trojans & Spyware
      12. Operating Systems (OS)
      13. The Graphical User Interface (GUI)
      14. System Utilities
      15. Types of Software
      16. File Extensions
      17. Wordprocessors
      18. Spreadsheets & Databases
      19. DTP (Desktop Publishing)
      20. Image Editing & Graphics Software
      21. Viewing & Downloading Files
      22. Sound & Music:Audio Files on the Web
      23. Digital Audio Players
      24. Sound Editing
      25. Types of ICT Systems, Devices & Services
      26. Networks
      27. E-Mail Addresses & Servers
      28. Mailing Lists & Newsgroups
      29. Searching the Web
      30. Designing Web Pages
        1. FTP
        2. HTML
        3. CSS
        4. Adding Graphic Elements
        5. Adding Links
        6. Adding Tables
        7. Adding Frames
        8. Adding Color/Colour
        9. Creating Web Graphics (GIFs, JPEGs, Slicing & Rollovers)
        10. WEb Usability: DOs & DON'Ts

* These topics are generally meant for higher levels (are not really suitable for beginner & elementary students) and/or are taught as separate courses with a number of subtopics

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