EFL/ESL Course Descriptions – November Update

So far the following ESP course descriptions have been revised and updated:

  1. English for Information, Communication & Educational Technology (levels: pre-intermediate to advanced)
  2. English for Marketing & Advertising (levels: intermediate to advanced)
  3. English for Personnel Managers (Human Resource Management) (levels: intermediate to advanced)
  4. English for Real Estate Brokers (levels: pre-intermediate to advanced)
  5. English for the Restaurant Industry (levels: elementary to advanced)
  6. English for Banking, Accountancy and Finance (levels: upper-intermediate to advanced)
  7. English for Work: Applying for a Job (CV/Resume Writing & Job Interview Tutoring) (levels: pre-intermediate to advanced)
To familiarize yourself with available topics, go to the ESP course description repository.

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Уроки английского языка как в Таллинне, так и в Виртуальном Классе в 2008-2009 уч.г.

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