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Collocations (5)

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Grammar (90)

Elementary Word Order Quizzes (5)

Elementary to Intermediate Word Order Quizzes: Question Forms (50)

Quizzes on Active & Passive Tenses (28)

Irregular Plural Nouns. Crossword Puzzles (2)

Spelling Quizzes. Verb Endings -(e)s, -ed & -ing (5)

Exam Preparation (FCE, CAE, CPE) (10)

Word Formation (WF) Quizzes (10)

Vocabulary & Lexicogrammar (65)

American English (AmE) vs British English (BrE) Quizzes (3)

Word Order Quizzes for the Brainy Folk (Jumbled Proverbs & Sayings) (14)

Quizzes on Idioms (8)

Fun Quizzes on Prepositions. Quizzes and Jokes in One (10)

Quizzes on Phrasal Verbs, Dependent Prepositions & Prepositional Expressions (10)

Quizzes on Opposite Adjectives (10)

Quizzes on Opposite Verbs (10)

ESP – English for Specific Purposes (5)

English for Law. Interactive Quizzes (5)

Test Yourself! Trivia Quizzes (27)


Who Wrote What? (12) 

World Geography & English-speaking Countries

Quizzes on Countries, Capitals, Languages, Nationalities and Patron Saints (15)


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