You can study English for IELTS and Cambridge Exams (PET, FCE, CAE, CPE or BECs) online at EnglishLab.Net. Read about the current price list here. You can apply for a free of charge placement interview by email. Here are the instructions. EnglishLab.Net is a limited liability partnership registered in the EU.


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HOW TO APPLY to study English online in the ELN Classrooms


How to Apply FOLLOW the 3 STEPS below TO SIGN UP FOR A COURSE STEP 1 – send us an email   writing www.englishlab.netplacement interview request in the subject line When we receive your email, we will instantly know which ELN website you visited and what you need. A placement interview is an audio Skype call that you and one of our tutors will make before you take any...

The ELN Classrooms: What’s Inside?

The ELN Classrooms 2.0 (Logo & Email)

Source: The ELN Classrooms are virtual classrooms where EnglishLab.Net students study English and other foreign languages online. This article is an illustrated overview of what the classrooms are like. Version 2.0 of the ELN Classrooms was launched amid the COVID19 pandemic. It had never been the plan, though. We’d been working on version 2.0 for about four years by the time it got ready...

Feedback on IELTS writing (instructions for ELN students)


If you want to get your IELTS writing assessed and commented on in real time, you can order a 2-hour feedback session via Skype. To get the feedback, you will have to apply for the feedback by email ( – the instructor will advise you on the dates and clock times available once you have agreed on the date and clock time of the feedback session, pay for the feedback (2...

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