Do You Speak Legalese?


Legalese is not a real language. Yet it is a human language in a way. It is the way legal professionals word their ideas in contracts and agreements, and that means it can be difficult to comprehend unless you are a lawyer. Whenever you find yourself reading a legal document that is full of long multisyllable words and convoluted sentences and feeling that you should make a conscious effort to understand what that means in plain English, you can be sure that this document is written in legalese. There are a few interactive EFL/ESL Legal English Quizzes on EnglishLab.Net for interested individuals. Feel free to do them – they are not difficult at all! You will learn about different branches of the law as well as types of lawyers (What’s the difference between barristers and solicitors? And what do attorneys have to do with them?), and will find out what exactly they say in films when they take the oath in a court aw before giving evidence

If you believe that these quizzes are not enough and want to take online English lessons, apply to study at EnglishLab.Net

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