Free IELTS mock exam — Speaking

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IELTS Speaking — Free Mock Exam and Feedback

If you are studying for the IELTS examination and would like to find out what you need to improve,

sign up for 3 hours of FREE IELTS Speaking preparation

Terms and Conditions

you will get a total of ca 180 minutes (usually 3 lessons @ 60 mins each) of FREE instruction and feedback (you SAVE about 33 euros)


IELTS Speaking Part 2: A Short Talk is aproject that aims at collecting sample answers given by speakers ofdifferent languages

your answer will be recorded and Part 2 of it posted (anonymously) on IELTS Speaking Part 2: A Short Talk as a sample answer 

Some Restrictions Apply

your first language cannot be Russian, Ukrainian, Estonian or Chinese (unless your level is band 8.0 or higher)



IELTS Preparartion — Pricelist

 more information/rohkem infot/дополнительная информация

in English, Estonian or Russian
        mobile/cell +372 5 106 217 or anastasia at englishlab dot net


ENG Please specify which city/country you’re planning to study from when enquiring about an online English course. It is possible to enrol in an onsite English course only if you are based in Tallinn, Estonia. 

EST Palun täpsustage, kust Eestist Te olete või kus välismaal viibite (tavakursused korraldatake ainult Tallinnas), küsides inglise keele veebipõhiste kursuste kohta. 

RUS Пожалуйста уточните город/страну, где Вы находитесь (обычные офлайн-курсы проводятся только в Таллинне), отправляя запрос об онлайн-курсах английского языка.


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