How are EnglishLab.Net Online Lessons Special?

Why choose EnglishLab.Net to study English online?

Many schools and tutors offer online English lessons and courses now. You need to know what they have in common and what makes them different to make your choice.

   EnglishLab.Net other online schools
you usually study 1-to-1 or in a small group  yes  yes
you use Skype, MSN, ICQ, GoogleTalk or another voice chat client (software) to practise speaking  yes  yes
you can cancel and reschedule lessons at short notice  yes, as long as you do not do that every time  very seldom
it’s OK to be late from time to time if you are busy at work or there is a problem with your Internet connection  yes. your tutor is not fussy about that  no
 you lose the money you have paid for a cancelled lesson  no, you do not lose anything – you negotiate a new time with your tutor  yes, you do not have an opportunity to reschedule a lesson at short notice
you can have speaking lessons of any duration between 30 mins and 3 hours  yes  no, most online schools offer lessons of standard duration
you get worksheets  yes  sometimes
homework  yes, you get homework when you study on EnglishLab.Net, and your tutor monitors and checks what you do  no, you do not normally get any homework when you buy single online lessons
your tutor plans your course together with you  yes, if your goals change, your VIP course is redesigned accordingly most online courses are off-the-shelf, there is nothing you can change about them
 you are always welcome to make suggestions for improvement  always, you are always expected to provide feedback  not really – nobody is interested in your opinion when you take just a few lessons
 you can sign up for long courses yes, most EnglisLab.Net students sign up for 100+ hour VIP courses and have tutorials 1-4 times a week  not really – most online schools do not teach long courses and offer only lessons
  you can book a VIP course for several years  yes, you can study Englishon EnglishLab.Net for a few years in a relaxed way, taking one or two lessons a week and having breaks and going on holiday as necessary  not really – most online schools are about taking standalone lessons and not studying the language systematically
  you have access to your course materials when you are on holiday and after the course ends  yes, when your course ends, you can still access all the materials for FREE* for a year without taking speaking lessons. You may always choose to continue your studies and have your old course activated.   no, when your course ends, you lose access to any password-protected materials
you get a quality language teaching service, because your tutor

  • is qualified to teach General and Business English to adults
  • has more than 10 years of work experience
  • has worked for an IH World school and knows all about teaching speaking through speaking
  • is particularly good at teaching English for Business and Exams (IELTS & the Cambridge Suite: BECs, FCE, CAE & CPE)
  • is both the teacher and the educational technologist who has designed this website and the materials it hosts
yes many people who teach online are not qualified to teach English
 you get personalized recommendations to do with reducing your accent (your tutor will analyze your voice sample and tell you what exactly is wrong so that you could work on that)  yes,you get that FREE*  you have to pay extra
 you get personalized recommendations to do with your grammar (your tutor will analyze your grammar test result and tell you which topics you need  to study or revise)  yes,you get that FREE*  you have to pay extra
 you can consult your tutor between scheduled lessons using a private discussion board (forum) or a text-chat   yes, you can ask questions and solicit help with writing a short paragraph (up to 100 words) between speaking lessons for FREE*  you have to pay extra
 you can study English for your job  yes, ANY job – your tutor has designed and taught VIP English courses to people from all walks of life – HR managers, gemologists, pharmacists, astrologists, financial analysts, professional athletes, air traffic controllers, skilled workers, civil servants, lawyers, civil engineers, accountants, sales agents, IT specialists, chefs, economists, fashion designers, physicians – you name it.   not really – most online schools teach General conversation and General Business English using regular coursebooks, so if you have an unusual job that is not in the book, they cannot help you
 you can enrol in an a la carte online English course  yes, there are a number of Business English course programmes as well as custom-made conversation modules for you to choose your VIP course topics from  not really – most online schools do not have a menu of courses for you to choose from
  you can choose to practise your English in a fun way on a regular basis  yes, your tutor has experience in teaching English in a speaking club atmosphere when you play different word and communication games, you can even choose to bring a different e-friend along to keep you company each week!  not really, you are not normally allowed to invite friends to keep you company during your scheduled lessons

* these extra services are FREE OF CHARGE when you buy at least 1080 minutes of speaking time



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