IELTS topics

IELTS speaking and writing TOPICS

Where can you find those?

Method 1 – get hold of IELTS preparation coursebooks and practice tests

Method 2 – google IELTS forums and blogs. 

Method 3 – use the ELN database of past IELTS speaking tasks and essay writing topics (will go online in late March, 2013). 

Actually, there are several places to look for past IELTS speaking tasks.

* old 2006-2012 IELTS speaking tasks have been put together by Chris G (collected via analysing various IELTS forums and blogs)

* new topics are also being collected via an online survey by Stacey (if you have taken the IELTS exam, please share your memories of the IELTS speaking test questions, and they will be published here on ELN pages starting from late March, 2013)

have a look at some past IELTS essay topics – 2012 – and some IELTS topics taken from various IELTS preparation books

* if you know other past IELTS essay topics, or letter-writing or graph description tasks, please share your memories  – fill in the ELN past IELTS topics questionnaire