Interactive English-Russian/Estonian Vocabulary Quizzes on Wild Animals

Since I teach not only adults but very young children too, I occasionally create quizzes for the brightest of them. Most of my students speak either Russian or Estonian, so I thought that it would be nice to combine the three languages, add some pictures and there you go

– here are 50 Interactive English-Russian/Estonian Vocabulary Quizzes on Wild Animals. I have to admit it that I had to learn a few words myself too – so they are not that easy. There are some animals I did not use to be be able to tell from each other by sight such as the stoat, the marten and the weasel. While I was designing the quizzes, I finally learned to differentiate between the hare and the rabbit. And I learned about an animal that hibernates for 7 months a year and looks like a very fat mouse with a bushy tail! You are all welcome to try the quizzes.

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