Quizzes on Question Forms

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Many elementary and intermediate learners of English find asking questions correctly difficult. It is not so that the rules are very complicated – they aren’t really. It is rather about insufficient practice. It is not enough to understand how questions are formed, it is necessary to train the “brain muscles” responsible for asking questions in a foreign language, and that needs time and effort. It takes hours of speaking, listening, reading and writing to put theory into practice, but as the old saying goes – practice makes perfect. The more questions you have formed correctly, the faster and easier it is to ask new ones. To help you practise asking questions in English,

there are 50 interactive word order quizzes on question forms on EnglishLab.Net. Their level of difficulty ranges from elementary to intermediate. You can choose among several tense forms, namely, the Present Continuous, Present Simple, Present Perfect, Past Simple and a few other structures.




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