The ELN Certificate Course in Teaching Languages Online to Small Groups in the ELN Classrooms

EnglishLab.Net (ELN) is a rapidly growing online language school registered in the EU. It sells e-lessons and e-courses to higher level learners of English and  other languages. The study process is organised by semester. Each semester lasts for 15 weeks.  The majority of ELN clients are studying English for such examinations as IELTS, Cambridge Exams, TOEFLiBT, and the like. Many are interested in job interview training and Business English. Some want ESP, such as English for Medicine, Law or Accountancy and Finance. In mid-2020 it became possible to study for other language exams in our school.
ELN has several job openings for English and Other Language Teachers to work in the ELN Classrooms ONLINE in 2020/21

If you are an experienced teacher of English,  a native speaker of English or have a native-like accent (that is a must), and  are looking for a permanent position in a school that operates a VLE, do apply. 

If you have recognized teaching qualifications in teaching English, and have relevant teaching experience (teaching English to ADULTS or OLDER TEENAGERS, preferably online), please forward your up-to-date CV and cover letter to . In your cover letter please explain your motivation, describe your teaching experience (levels and age groups taught), comment on your availability (days of the week, clock time, etc), and specify your salary expectations (how much you would like to be paid per 60-minute teaching hour net). 


If you feel you meet all the requirements but the requirement to have some relevant e-teaching experience, and would like to receive some THOROUGH training and be given an opportunity to do TEACHING PRACTICE, which will entitle you to a real job at ELN already in September 2013, consider doing 

THE ELN (EnglishLab.Net) Certificate Course in Teaching ENGLISH and/or MODERN LANGUAGES Online to Small Groups Synchronously

The course (e-methodology + e-courseware development + teaching practice) is taught using the ELN VLE at over a period of approximately 1  semester or 12 to 15 weeks depending on the season. 

The next course is due to start on 6 May and finish on 25 August, 2013. The training is planned to entail a mix of input sessions (fundamentals of e-moderating, materials design for e-learning and the basics of teaching online in a team), and teaching practice with feedback sessions (small groups of 2, 3 and 4 comprised of ELN project participants – read more about the project on the ELN Facebook page please –  ). 

Every trainee teacher is expected to pay EUR 960 + 20% VAT for the 48-hour course with online teaching practice (there will be up to 4 trainee teachers in a group). Those e-tutors that receive positive feedback from their students (volunteers) will be offered teaching positions at ELN in September 2013.


To be awarded the ELN Certificate in Teaching English Online to Small Groups Synchronously, each successful applicant will be required to design a 15-hour mini-course of their own choice and preference in the ELN VLE over the 3 weeks following the 12-week training period (deadline: 25 August 2013 ). They will teach the course they design in September-December 2013 to 1-to-1 students and/or small groups of 2-4. Those who wish to teach higher load courses (30- to 60-hour ones) will have to inform the ELN senior teacher about their desire to do so well in advance to negotiate an alternative course syllabus submission deadline.


All those who complete the course and meet the course completion requirements will be offered teaching positions at ELN and a competitive hourly rate (negotiable), a longer term renewable contract, flexible hours, opportunities for promotion and personal development, regular in-house training, and other negotiable perks.

2013 SEMESTER/TERM 2  15 weeks

06.05.2013 – 30.06.2013 – 8 weeks (4 hours per week) * introduction to e-moderation, teaching English online in a team, review of ELT methodology and the basics of materials design

(01.07-07.07.2013*) – BREAK  

08.07.2013 – 04.08.2013 – 4 weeks *  teaching practice (2 hours per week) plus guidance (lesson planning, feedback) (2 hours per week)

05.08-25.08.2013 – 3 weeks   independent course design assignment  (guidance and support will be provided on an ad hoc basis)

MINI-COURSE Submission Deadline  – 25 August 2013        

The materials are to be designed using the built-in ELN VLE learning object generator and are to be stored in the ELN VLE learning object depository to be used by all the members of the ELN teaching team as needed.  The courses designed by the ELN trainee teachers will be advertised to prospective ELN students by the ELN Marketing Team. It is expected that ELN teachers will be able to choose whether to teach their own courses solo or to do that in a team. Those who will decide to team up with one or more other ELN teachers will be able to design longer courses and to split the workload for mutual benefit.

DEADLINE for applications: 20 August 2020, 20:00 GMT
ELN Teacher Training Course Dates:  1 September 2020 – 31 Aug 2021


a TEFL/TESOL certificate such as TKT, CELTA or equivalent

a BA/MA in TESOL or a similar qualification (such as the Cambridge DELTA) will give you a distinct advantage

if English is not your native language,

you have to have achieved at least one of the following

– CAE A or B in speaking

– CPE A or B in speaking

– IELTS 8 or 8.5+ in speaking

– ICFE or BEC Higher A or B in speaking

– ILEC A or B in speaking

– BEC Vantage or FCE A in speaking


Please forward a copy of your CV/Resume, copies of the required certificates and diplomas, a cover letter and a 2-minute voice sample (an mp3 recording) to email:

write “CAREERS at ELN” in the subject line of your email,

and send a text message to +372 5106 217 including your full name, the words CAREERS at ELN, and your email address to ensure that your application is not lost and is processed promptly

In your cover letter please

– describe your previous teaching experience (levels and courses taught, materials used)

– list the levels and courses you would like to teach online, and your availability (hours per week, days and clock times)

– indicate whether you would like to teach 1-to-1s, pairs, small groups of 3-4, or whether you have no preference

– state whether you prefer to teach speakers of any particular language or languages, or whether you have no preference

– and specify your salary expectations upon the completion of the ELN Certificate Course in Teaching English Online for Examination Purposes.

Your voice recording should contain a coherent response to the question below:

Please read the task below and think about what you are going to say for a few minutes or so. You may take some notes if you wish. After that speak using your notes for about 2 minutes.

Imagine that you have been offered a teaching job by Englishlab.Net. 

Describe your typical workday at ELN as you can picture it
You should say
* what kind of students you would have to teach
* what you would like about your job the most and why
* what you would find difficult at first and why
and explain how you would feel about being employed by Englishlab.Net