Word Formation Quizzes

If you plan to sit one of the higher level Cambridge Examinations (FCE, CAE or CPE), you probably know that one of the tasks in the Use of English paper is word formation. In case you have difficulty with this particular task or just want extra practice,


feel free to try one or all of the 10 Word Formation Quizzes on EnglishLab.Net. Many of the quizzes are crossword puzzles, so they are fun in way:) For those of you who need even more practice, there is a fully-fledged online word formation course that features … 100 word formation quizzes. It is a fee-paying course, but everybody can afford it.


If you are interested in signing up for the online Word Formation Course or want to study English, Estonian or Russian online in the EnglishLab.Net Virtual Classroom, read about the tutor and email her to arrange for a VIP online language course