Free Online English Lessons


Online English lessons are way too expensive!

– I can’t fix all the ills of capitalism, but I do my best.

If you’re a starving student and you think that you really need some conversation English classes or IELTS exam prep, consider

doing something for EnglishLab.Net – drawing, designing, taking photos or testing new materials such as interactive tests and quizzes (higher level ones). There is no such thing as a free lunch, but you can always get what you want by doing something useful in return. Get in touch to find out.

The easiest way to get some free instruction is motivate a better-off friend to sign up for some online English classes, and to keep him/her company!



Inglise keele tunnid nii Tallinnas kui ka Virtuaalklassis
Уроки английского языка как в Таллинне, так и в Виртуальном Классе

 more information/rohkem infot/дополнительная информация

in English, Estonian or Russian
        mobile/cell +372 5 106 217 or anastasia at englishlab dot net