How Long Does it Take to Devise a VIP English Course Syllabus?

How Long Does it Take to Devise a VIP English Course Syllabus?

It depends on the duration of the course.  It usually takes between

1 and 2 weeks to outline the whole course (fix the dates and clock times of 1-to-1 lessons, select and sequence the topics and subtopics, divide them into units and decide how long we should spend per unit) and do the initial timetabling (plan the first few lessons in detail). Normally, the student has to participate in course planning all the way through. He/She is expected to fill in needs analysis forms/questionnaires, do diagnostic language or skills tests (those can focus on grammar, vocabukary, listening, writing or pronunciation) and provide continuous feedback (make suggestions for improvement on the VIP course feedback forum or in the VIP online learner diary). Participating in your own course development gives you an excellent opportunity to practise your English – you will spend one or a few hours per week writing or speaking English in addition to the main tasks, and many students say that is a great bonus.   

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