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How to Order an Online English Course

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NB! A good English lesson is ALWAYS planned WELL IN ADVANCE. So is a good English course (a series of lessons). Read about the difference between lessons and courses here. To get a price quote and/or to negotiate the details of your online or onsite English course, email the tutor and tell her

WHAT you need or want – topics & aims (e.g. conversation classes, exam preparation – specify the name of the exam and the score you need then, Business English, help with essay writing, grammar tutorials etc)

WHAT you do not need – it is also very important (Do you need to practise all four skills or just some of them?)

WHAT your level is (your tutor can help you with determining it) (e.g. do the diagnostic grammar test in the Virtual Classroom)

HOW LONG you wish you lesson(s) to be (Do you want 30-, 60- or 90-minute lessons?)

WHEN you are available (CLOCK TIMES & DAYS OF THE WEEK) (please specify your time zone in GMT terms, too)

HOW MANY lessons you want and/or (Do you need just a few lessons?)

HOW LONG you want your course to last (Do you want a two-month or a year-long course?)

WHETHER you are on a budget (fees are usually negotiable) (those who order longer courses are offered generous discounts)

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