2022 Fees


STUDY English or Estonian ONLINE

Practise SPEAKING or  WRITING online
Get ready for IELTS, TOEFLibT, FCE, CAE, CPE or GMAT
General English or Estonian 
1-to-1 lessons EUR 12.00 + per 45 mins
1-to-1 lessons EUR 16.00 + per 60 mins
1-to-1 lessons EUR 20.00 + per 75 mins
1-to-1 lessons EUR 24.00 + per 90 mins
10% discount if you pay by semester
Exam Preparation
1-to-1 lessons EUR 20.00 + per 60 mins
8 hours — EUR 160
5×8 hours — EUR 720
10×8 hours — EUR 1280
Statistically, you may need between 25 to 50 hours of practice with a teacher
to improve your IELTS speaking or writing band score by 0.5
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PAY for your 1-to-1 classes by credit card or PayPal online
Please email for further details if you are interested in studying English online with an ELN tutor.
lessons @ englishlab . net
       feel free to TEXT (sms) your name & email  to +372 5 106 217 to speed up your application process.
Your application will be processed by Anastasia Stacey Andros