Quizzes on Active & Passive Tenses

For reasons beyond my understanding, physician school traditionally starts with revising Present Tenses as if there were nothing more exciting to study than the everlasting do-does-am-is-are puzzle.


Most EFL & ESL teachers who have broadband Internet spend hours and hours during the first two weeks of September googling for suitable exercises, quizzes and tests as well as worksheets that focus on the differences between the Present Simple and the Present Continuous. The second unit in many coursebooks is usually devoted to Past Tenses, so when the time comes to start unit 2, quite a few students and teachers alike are into exploring the big mystery of all times – the difference between the Past Simple & the Present Perfect. Higher level students also start worrying about “Passive the Terrible”. Some are also concerned about the future, and are predictably searching for exercises that could help them understand how “will” differs from “be going to”. The brainiest advanced learners grapple with the Future Perfect or the Future Perfect Continuous. Then everyone suddenly realizes that it is the end of the term soon and some kind of exam paper is about to be administered. That’s when everyone is keen to revise everything. Anyways, that’s what semester 1 is like in very many schools across the globe, and I see no reason why there shouldn’t be anything on the web for those who want to pass their final exam on English tenses with flying colours. EnglishLab.Net welcomes you to do some of its interactive online Quizzes on Active & Passive Tenses. Enjoy and good luck with your tests and exams!


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