Ways of Payment


You can pay cash, by credit card (PayPal, currently the MoneyBookers service is under consideration), or by bank transfer. If your company is willing to pay your tuition fees, it is possible to get an invoice. Please note that you may have to pay additional taxes and charges if you reside in a country different from that of your tutor’s. The most up-to-date pricelist is usually found here

You can save on your tuition fees if you purchase bookson your tutor’s wish list (please email first to negotiate the details if that’s how you wish to pay for your lessons), which is another way of payment for online English lessons. So is helping the Freely Accessible Interactive Quiz Section grow. It is alsopossible to get some free instruction (I need volunteers to beta-testsome of the materials I have created). Get in touch to find out whichoption suits your situation the best.

If you are interested inlearning English not only in general, but for your job and/or exam purposes simultaneously, you might want to have an online VIPcourse of any duration designed to your needs that may focus not onlyon speaking but all the other skills and specific needs of yours, too. 

Since quite many people enquire about DEMO lessons, I have added an article about taking single and double online English lessons, too. 

Inglise keele tunnid nii Tallinnas kui ka Virtuaalklassis
Уроки английского языка как в Таллинне, так и в Виртуальном Классе

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