What are EFL, ESL, EGP, ESP and other similar abbreviations short for?

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What are EFL, EGP, ESP and other similar abbreviations short for? 

When you study English as a Foreign Language (EFL) it means that you study it in

a non-English-Speaking Country, for example, in China, Russia, Germany, Brazil, France or Viet Nam. If you study English as a Second Language (ESL), it means that you do it in an English-Speaking Country such as the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, South Africa or the USA, or you want to go to live or study there. EFL and ESL are similar but not exactly the same. ESL is often country-specific – you learn more about everyday life and social welfare of the English-speaking country you are in, or want to work or get a degree in, that is it frequently means that you need English for Immigration or Academic purposes, whereas EFL is rather meant for international business communication and travel.

EGP stands for English for General Purposes or Everyday English.

ESP stands for English for Specific Purposes. There are several varieties.

One of its branches is known as English for Occupational Purposes. In plain English it means that you want to study English for your job.

There are two types of Business English out there:

1. When you study English for General Business Purposes, you learn about things that people of various occupations have to know.

2. The other variety – English for Careers – is subdivided into a zillion smaller ones. It is possible to study English for virtually any job, even an unusual one. Professional EFL/ESL teachers can design English courses for all kinds of occupations.  

Traditionally, English for Science and Technology (EST) is treated as a separate variety of ESP. If you are into research, the English you need will be rather like EAP,whereas if you are into selling your products and services and making money, it is rather English for Occupational Purposes. It is not uncommon to need to study a liitle bit of both. 

Due to their significance and peculiarity, English for Law and English for Medicine are treated as separate varieties of ESP.

EAP stands for English for Academic Purposes. It means you need English in order to study in an English-Speaking Country, or rather pass an Academic English examination such as IELTS (Academic Module), TOEFLiBT, FCE, CAE or CPE. It might also mean that you need to pass a Business English examination such as BEC Higher, ILEC (International Legal English Certificate) or ICFE (International Certificate in Financial English).  EAP is also a subdivision of ESP.

It often happens so that you wish to study English for your job and an exam as well as need conversation practice at the same time. It is not easy and sometimes it is impossible to find a suitable ready-made English coursebook that contains everything you need. 

Yet, the good news is that it is possible to have a  UNIQUE English course designed to your needs on EnglishLab.Net. In order to do that you have to tell your course tutor (see the contact details at the bottom of this page) WHAT TOPICS you want to cover and HOW LONG you want your course to be. You will have to take part in your course design to make it happen – if YOU ARE SPECIAL, it means that there is no perfect book out there that contains everything you need, so your tutor will have to USE DIFFERENT MATERIALS to design a VIP ENGLISH COURSE ESPECIALLY FOR YOU. 

If you want to read about VIP courses that may be ordered on EnglishLab.Net, click here. For standard ESP Course Descriptions go here.

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