What Discounts Are Available?


– I’ve had a look at the pricelist and would like to know whether there are any discounts?

– Yes, there are actually. Prices are negotiable, and it is possible to get up to 75% off the standard price provided you qualify. You are likely to get a discount

  • if you used to be my student
  • if you and I are acquainted
  • if a former student of mine has recommended that you contact me
  • if you sign up for a conversation class with a friend, this way you will share the costs, i.e. you will get 50% off
  • if you sign up for a full-fledged course (more than 140 hours)

Another great option is out there for those who want to study as a family, this way you can choose to have both 1-to-1 classes and study together when you feel like doing so at no additional cost. You just buy speaking time, and take classes either alone or together.  

You can also participate in a project and get a substantial discount – I need volunteers to take part in Skype-mediated classes for small groups of students, you’ll get up to 75% off the price if you sign up for a course like this. 

Should you feel interested or want more detail, email for more information. 



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