What Is An Online English Lesson Like?

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When it comes to practising speaking, it is

synchronous or real-time communication that is meant. In other words, we need special software, usually a voice chat client, to be able to talk to each other. I  prefer GoogleTalk, but it is also possible to use other applications such as Skype or a fancy videoconferencing solution. The fancier the software, the more expensive your lesson:) GoogleTalk and Skype are free of charge. 

Depending on the aims, topic(s) and time available, you will get a worksheet or several worksheets with tasks and instructions before the lesson so that you could familiarize yourself with what is going to be covered during the next scheduled tutorial. If you want to take a series of lessons, you will get some personal study space – a VIP course – in the EnglishLab.Net Virtual Classroom, where you will be able to ask questions and get feedback on a private discussion board (forum) between scheduled lessons.

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