What’s EnglishLab.Net?

What’s EnglishLab.Net & Who is The Author?

EnglishLab.Net is an educational portal devoted to foreign language teaching and learning, and a virtual learning environment in one. Since the author is a qualified EFL (English as a Foreign Language Teacher), a great deal of what you will come across on the website is of TESL/TEFL nature: interactive grammar and vocabulary quizzes, useful links & online courses (well, not everything is freely accessible. There is no such thing as a free lunch – there is always someone out there who will ultimately get the bill).  You can read about the author and rationale here.

Is It an Online Language School?

It is not a yes or no question:) EnglishLab.Net (the website) belongs to the same person who owns EnglishLab.Net OÜ – a private limited company that sells and renders electronically educational language services such as English language lessons. In the meantime, the website as a whole does not belong to the company, only some of its pages are rented by the namesake. In other words, www.englishlab.net is free for all when it comes to non-password protected pages which feature educational language learning materials. Yet, some of the portal pages advertise fee-paying educational language services such as online English lessons and web-based language learning courseware that EnglishLab.Net OÜ sells. 

What Materials Can I Access Free of Charge?

Quite many materials are freely accessible:

1. The Online Reference Section features classified links to online dictionaries, encyclopaedias, glossaries, thesauruses & corpora 

2. You are welcome to read the EnglishLab.Net News. This section features short articles about the latest website updates such as new freely accessible interactive EFL/ESL quizzes in a blog format. 

3. The Listening Resources Section is for those who are looking for Online EFL/ESL & Authentic Audio & Video Materials (Dictations, Listening Quizzes, Pronunciation Practice, Audiobooks, Poetcasts, Live Newscasts & Podcasts; Professional Webcasts & Amateur Videos)

4. The Reading Resources Section as the title suggests is a classified collection of links to online libraries, e-books  (including short stories and books for very young learners such as fairy tales), electronic versions of periodicals as well as educational portals that feature topic-based articles.

5. The Wordlist Section is a place to look for frequency wordlists such as the first 1,000 of the most frequently used English words. This section is scheduled for maintenance in September, because it also features links to interactive word games. The latter are going to become a separate section in October. If you have a website of your own where people can play interesting word games, get in touch*** and I will link to it. 

6. The ELT Methodology & Educational Technology Section is a megacollection of useful links for ELT professionals. It is also scheduled for maintenance in Septemeber. The links are going to be reclassified into separate categories to enhance usability and many new resources are going to be added. Feel free to suggest great ELT websites*** that I have overlooked.

I Linked To a Page/Quiz On EnglishLab.Net Some Time Ago and Now I Cannot Find It. Can I get Access To It?

Most probably the URL has changed due to maintenance and you will have to update your bookmarks.See the quiz index page for lists of updated quizzes. 

I Would Like to Practise Grammar & Vocabulary Online For Free. Is There Anything For Me?

Yes, there is. EnglishLab.Net publishes interactive grammar, vocabulary and listening quizzes, exercises, tests, puzzles and mazes online. Some of them are freely accessible. This section is undergoing maintenance, which means that most of the materials were removed from the web in August 2008 for revision. The author creates new and updates a few “old” quizzes every now and then and uploads them back. You can access the FREE ONLINE EXERCISES and help speed up the process HERE.

I am looking for a proper online English Course. Is there anything like that on EnglishLab.Net?

Yes, there are fully-fledged online custom-made courses on EnglishLab.Net, but they are not free of charge. You can also order a VIP online course designed to your needs. Feel free to read the descriptions of popular English courses and familiarize yourself with the current pricelist. Contact*** the tutor if you are interested to negotiate the details.

I want to practise speaking online. Can I do that on EnglishLab.Net?

This is another fee-paying service.  It is indeed possible to take some speaking lessons using voice chat software such as Skype or GoogleTalk. Contact*** the tutor if you are interested to negotiate the details.

I need someone to correct mistakes in my writing. I am studying for an EFL/ESL Exam (e.g. FCE, CAE, CPE, TOEFL, IELTS). Can you help with that?

Yes, sure, but this is a fee-paying service.  Contact*** the tutor for more detail if you are interested.

***CONTACT should you have any further questions, want to report a typo or wish to enquire about or order an online EFL/ESL course


If you have not found what you havebeen looking for on EnglishLab.Net, use the EnglishLab.Net Web Search -it is EFL/ESL specific


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