Who Wrote What? Test yourself!

There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them. (Joseph Brodsky)

Do you read? Sadly, nowadays, reading seems to be out. I hope I am wrong, though, perhaps things are not that bad, and people simply tend to prefer electronic versions  of novels to paperbacks. Or it might be so that there is nobody by your side to recommend you a good book to read!

I imagine it might be the case at times. Anyways, I, for one, enjoy reading, and presume that engrossing yourself in a novel is the simplest way of indulging yourself without spending a fortune. There are a dozen quizzes on EnglishLab.Net asking you to match the names of writers, playwrights and poets to the names of their literary works. Feel free to test yourself and if you come across any names that you have not heard before, consider learning more about them.

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