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Feedback on IELTS writing (instructions for ELN students)

If you want to get your IELTS writing assessed and commented on in real time, you can order a 2-hour feedback session via Skype. To get the feedback, you will have to

  1. apply for the feedback by email (lessons@englishlab.net) – the instructor will advise you on the dates and clock times available
  2. once you have agreed on the date and clock time of the feedback session, pay for the feedback (2 clock hours) via Paypal 
  3. submit samples of your written work as per the 3-step instructions below at least 12 hours before the feedback session time (if you cannot submit the texts on time, reschedule the feedback session – this can be done free of charge as long as you do so at least 12 hours before the texts are due)
  4. should there be an internet connectivity issue, the feedback session will be rescheduled at no extra cost; for example, should there be no internet in your location at the time your feedback session is supposed to be held, text the school with your full name and email address at +372 5106217 and request that your feedback be rescheduled for a different date

STEP 1 – Go to http://writing.study-english-online.net . Register. Make sure you include your contact email address and Skype ID . You will need both to be able to restore your password should you forget it some day.

Check IELTS essays, letters, and/or graph descriptions online at EnglishLab.Net

STEP 2 – Create a new Task. Choose the Task Type from the drop-down menu (start with Task 1 Graph if you are doing the Academic Training Module, and Task 1 Letter if you are doing the General Training Module). Click on “CREATE”.

After that type up your solution to the task 1 of the respective module. It will be automatically saved as you type! When you are ready, submit it for assessment and share its URL with your tutor via Skype. Select from the options below:

General Training Module

task 1 https://www.ielts.org/about-the-test/~/media/CF5EEC4108A74538B5E645E3464D9C3E.ashx

Academic Training Module

task 1 https://www.ielts.org/about-the-test/~/media/BFA3D20CB8EE4C968378DF0AA04519B6.ashx

STEP 3 – Repeat STEP 2 for the task 2 of the module you need. Select Task 2 essay from the drop-down menu after you’ve created a new task. After that choose your task from the options below:

General Training Module

task 2 https://www.ielts.org/about-the-test/~/media/FBDFF4949B5D49458E4C15B4CF6401BC.ashx

Academic Training Module

task 2 https://www.ielts.org/about-the-test/~/media/8CEA04A5ABDF4A2C8FE8FEF2E59253C3.ashx

You can pay for feedback on your writing via Paypal. The instructions and self-check out form are here.