Should teachers be allowed to make their students publish their work online?


The question is not that ridiculous. I have seen many photos, blogs, wikis and videos featuring student names and photos, and I can’t help thinking that this should not be allowed. Many students are minors and their parents should give their permission when it comes to their children being made to post any private details on the Internet. The most horrendous thing is when a teacher shoots a video in class and uploads it for anyone to view. I presume six-year-olds cannot object to such creativity on behalf of their teacher, and their parents are not aware of that happening either. I, for one, would object, because the web is not a safe place, and you never know who is watching you or your loved ones. Surely, there is no need to become over-protective, but it would make sense to oblige K-12 teachers to password protect whatever assignments that their students publish online. Cyber-stalking is an issue to worry about.

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