Collaborative Learning Techniques

(Last Updated On: 30th October 2008)

That’s the title of the book by Barkley, Cross and Major, a copy of which I purchased a few months ago.

The authors distinguish ca. 30 Collaborative Learning Techniques, or CoLTS for short, and divide them into five categories.  Here is a nice list of them all to help jog your (and my) memory later, should there be a need for that:

I. CoLTS for Discussion

  • Think-Pair-Share
  • Round Robin
  • Buzz Groups
  • Talking Chips
  • Three-Step Interview
  • Critical Debate

2. CoLTS for Reciprocal Teaching

  • Note-Taking Pairs
  • Learning Cell
  • Fishbowl
  • Role Play
  • Jigsaw
  • Test-Taking Teams

3. CoLTS for Problem Solving

  • Think-Aloud Problem Solving (TAPPS)
  • Send-A-Problem
  • Case Study
  • Structured Problem Solving
  • Analytic Teams
  • Group Investigation

4. CoLTS Using Graphic Information Organizers

  • Affinity Grouping
  • Group Grid
  • Team Matrix
  • Sequence Chains
  • Word Webs

5. CoLTS Focusing on Writing

  • Dialogue Journals
  • Round Table
  • Dyadic Essays
  • Peer Editing
  • Collaborative Writing
  • Team Anthologies
  • Paper Seminar

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