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What is a phrasal verb?


A phrasal verb is a verb usually followed by a preposition. The difference between an ordinary verb followed by a preposition (eg look at a word) and a phrasal verb (eg look up a word) is that the meaning of the former can be easily understood once you know the meaning of the base verb (in our case it is the meaning of the verb look), whereas the meaning of a phrasal verb oftentimes has nothing...

What’s an Idiom?


An idiom is defined as a word sequence, i.e. a phrase whose meaning cannot easily be worked out from its individual words or, in other words, is not a 100% literal. The degree of transparency of an idiom can range from almost literal, i.e. easily understood, to the totally obscure, i.e. non-literal and impossible to understand until you look it up in a dictionary or someone explains its meaning...

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