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Pet Peeves

I guess everyone has got a few pet peeves. Mine are marking creative writing assignments submitted by my students and having to take a smelly tram home (the latter can only be avoided if I choose to walk or take a taxi instead, both of which I quite often do, especially the latter when it’s freezing cold outside). Another thing that drives me up the wall is that I can’t make myself throw away all those thousands of leftover handouts – I am a terrible hoarder.  Some of those date back to the mid 1990s. It’s time I really did something about them – now it looks like I have to buy a few bookshelves to accommodate a dozen ring-binders and about as many cardboard boxes that are scattered all over my place.  I seems I have to catalogue everything, too:( – I feel like hiring a PA at times.  Lastly, I absolutely hate plastic carrier bags. Can’t say why for sure, though. They just annoy me ever so much.