What do EFL/ESL teachers tend to use blogs for?

(Last Updated On: 30th October 2008)

Here is a quintessential summary of the ideas I have come across in my webquest.

ELT teachers tend to use blogs

  • to post links to interactive online quizzes for their students to do
  • to post links to reading matter & downloadable materials for their students to explore
  • to embed videos for their students to watch
  • to provide feedback after a F2F class
  • to pre-teach vocabulary by posting links to online dictionary entries
  • to publish their students’ work directly
  • to publish their students’ work indirectly by providing links to all the students’ own blogs
  • to initiate discussions by posting questions or texts and inviting comments
  • to let their students know what the homework is
  • to keep a record of the work done in class

There are also some other uses which primarily pertain to situations when the teacher’s target audience is not his/her own students.  If that is the case, ELT professionals use blogs

  • to post their random thoughts and observations to do with ELT
  • to describe their everyday life and/or leisure pursuits
  • to take notes when they google for teaching ideas
  • to publish their responses when they enrol in Web 2.0 teacher-training courses
  • to keep in touch with their colleagues, friends and family by linking to their blogs and/or allowing/inviting comments

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