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WHO is WHO in TESOL, CALL & Corpus Lingustics

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  • Mark Davies Searchable Online Corpora
  • Scott Thornbury A Dictionary of ELT Terms, Grammar, Discourse Analysis
  • Ted Power Downloadable and printable worksheets & practical advice
  • Jane & Dave Willis – Task-Based Learning – sample lesson plans
  • Jack C. Richards Second Language Teaching, Error Analysis, Curriculum Development, Applied Linguistics
  • Gavin Dudeney CALL, Second Life
  • Susan Stempleski Cultural Awareness, Video in Second Language Teaching
  • Sue Kay Reward Resource Packs
  • Carol Read Teaching English to Children (Younger Learners)
  • Mark Warschauer Electronic Literacies & CALL
  • Mark Powell Teaching English for Business – Wiki
  • Marianne-Celce Murcia Language Teaching Methodology, Teaching Pronunciation, Pedagogical Grammar
  • Adrian Underhill Teaching Pronunciation
  • Albert Sidney Hornby Oxford Advanced learner’s Dictionary (OALD)
  • Ken Hyland Academic Writing & Teaching
  • Pete Sharma Technology in Language Teaching
  • Michael Lewis The Lexical Approach, Teaching Collocation
  • Michael Vince Grammar Practice Activities
  • Jim Scrivener Learning Teaching, ELT Methodology
  • Penny Ur Teaching Grammar, Speaking & Listening Comprehension, Warmers, ELT Methodology
  • Mario Rinvolucri Grammar Games & Story-Telling Techniques
  • Paul Emmerson Teaching English for Business, Business Grammar
  • Brian Tomlinson Materials development in Language Teaching, Language Analysis
  • Carol A. Chapelle Computer Applications in Second Language Acquisition
  • I. S. Paul Nation Teaching & Learning Vocabulary
  • Guy Wellman ELT Wordbuilder
  • Peter Viney Survival English Coursebook Series
  • Andrew Wright Warmers, Using Pictures & Games in Language Teaching, Storytelling Techniques, Teaching Children (Younger Learners)
  • Friedericke Klippel Speaking Activities
  • Rob Nolasco Characteristics of Native-Speaker Conversation, Teaching Speaking
  • Tessa Woodward Planning Lessons & Courses
  • Tricia Hedge ELT Methodology
  • Steven J. Molinsky & Bill Bliss Picture Dictionaries, Phonics, Teaching Strategies, Side by Side & Word by Word Series
  • Priscilla Osborne Teaching One-to-One, Needs Analysis
  • Christine Nuttall Teaching Reading
  • Digby Beaumont Elementary English Grammar
  • Michael Swan Practical English Usage (Grammar), Learner English (L1-dependent grammar & pronunciation mistakes)
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