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Teaching EFL to Very Young Learners, Part 2

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While we were in the middle of exploring Cookie and Friends, I gradually introduced two more CD-ROMs, also by OUP. They are Tilly’s Word Fun 1 & Tilly’s Word Fun 2.

Product Description

Tilly’s Word Fun 1 – Topics






Tilly’s Word Fun 2 – Topics




At home

The activities used are

1. Listen

2. Listen and Click

3. Read and Match

4. Colours and Numbers

5. Spelling

6. The Race Game

7. Interactive Glossary with Audio Pronunciations


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  • And where did you buy these CD-ROMs? I mean, online or offline? I’d like to buy them too, but since I won’t ever be able to find them in Vladivostok, I’ll have to order them in an online store. I found these items in “Sprinter” (Moscow), but each disc costs 1500 roubles, plus delivery charges. The prices in Cambridge Book Center are much more attractive, but there’s another problem here: there’s a risk that they won’t be delivered. I ordered a DVD in August, and I got nothing. Of course, Amazon.co.uk kindly sent me another disc. That’s why Amazon.com doesn’t deliver anything to Russia, because they have to replace or reimburse orders too often.
    BTW, once somebody on the efl.ru forum suggested a wonderful idea of using cards with scenes from fairy tales. And you asked where to find pictures. If it’s still relevant: http://www.raskraska.com There’re lots of pictures from cartoons and fairy-tales: Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Snowhite, etc.

  • I bought the CD-ROMs in my local bookstore or rather I had them order the discs for me, which didn’t cost that much at the time, they were about 50% cheaper than in Moscow. But it was a couple of years ago.

  • Anastasia, thank you so much for “advertising” these wonderful CD-ROMs! Yesterday I received CD-ROM 1 from Cambridge International Book Centre.
    My daughter is delighted, and so am I. Yesterday we were playing, clicking, listening, etc. all the evening.
    Unfortunately, they don’t have CD-ROM 2 in stock. 🙁

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