E-Moderating vs E-Learning Management by Objectives

(Last Updated On: 12th October 2007)

I am gripped by the book I am reading now – it is unbelievable how much more advanced DL & VLE use is in some countries. They have been doing what I am just considering trying since the ’90s!

The more I learn about TESOL & CMI, the more I tend to believe in the managerial nature of both.  More than that, there is a clear need for some MBO (management by objectives), ie you should teach to the needs, it is necessary to organize the learning & teaching so that you could monitor, direct or lead,  test & assess (control) and review the needs and requirements list (redefine objectives) on a regular basis.

E-Moderating fits into this framework so neatly. In a way it is E-Learning Management.

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