Tag - tag clouds

Web 2.0 Synonyms & Opposites

The opposite of hyperlinking is RSS aka really simple syndication.

Users find content on the web and hyperlink to it . The opposite is subscribing to syndicated content aka RSS feeds.

RSS readers are also known as aggregators.

Metadata or metatags

  • are usually embedded in website code,
  • are not visible to the eye,
  • are added by website content managers,
  • are arranged by taxonomies,
  • are structured hierarchically, and
  • are meant for search engines.

The opposite of a metatag is a regular tag.


  • are words that authors such as bloggers select and attach to the content they create,
  • are meant for humans,
  • are arranged by folksonomies,
  • are logical in the sense that they convey meaning about the content, and
  • are often arranged into tag concept groups called tag clouds, which show how the terms relate to one another.

Hyperlinking & tagging can both be considered e-learning activities as they impact student learning, whereas RSS feeds are rather materials that can be part of an e-course.