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Teachers’ Digital Toolkit


International online learning projects for students ThinkQuest Online tools for resource creation Animoto Create videos from images Benettonplay Create stunning animations Create educational games Gliffy Create floor plans, flowcharts and 3D diagrams Glogster EDU Create interactive multimedia posters Kerpoof Create movies and stories Mixbook Create a page turning e-book...

Three Generations of Distance Learning Pedagogy


Three Generations of Distance Learning Pedagogy

1. Cognitive Behaviourism
2. Constructivism
3. Connectivism

Educational Technology – Web-Resources: Theory & Tools


Emerging Perspectives on Learning, Teaching & Technology
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DimDim – A Web-Conferencing Solution
More about Moodle

A code from which allows you to gloss an entire text.
Currently used on the NY Times website, Available at:

Online Language Lessons – Idea Bank


It looks like more and more language teaching is being done on the web. Let me summarize what online language teachers have on offer, what they do or could do in theory.  I will list several examples from Curtis J. Bonk & Ke Zhang’s (2008) Empowering Online Learning, pp.  62-63. Types of resources & activities for online language learners online flashcards electronic dictionaries...

Interactivity & The 5 Ts that Make it Fail


Ian Forsyth (Teaching & Learning Materials & The Internet, 3rd edition,  p. 135) defines interactivity as
emulating the traditional classroom
He lists the 5 Ts that cause interactivity to fail on the Internet (pp. 19 -23)

technology timid
territoriality on topics
truss – an infrastructure requirement

E-Courseware Design: Issues


Let me list some of the topical issues that keep emerging and need to be addressed asap. usability – what I mean here is all the extra clicks that either my students or I make, which takes time. Distributing courseware in space often results in learners’ having to spend more time online than they would otherwise have, and that should be avoided. feedback – it is not enough to...

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